Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club (2020)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Music

About: 123movies

Plot: Nijigasaki High, a high school located at Odaiba, Tokyo that is popular for its spirit of freedom and its variety of education courses. Yu Takasaki, a 2nd year in General Education course, is attracted by school idols' appeals. Together with her childhood friend Ayumu Uehara, she decided to visit the School Idol Club. Occasionally rivals, at times comrades. Holding to their own hopes and wishes, they continue to work hard day by day. "If only I could support these girls, who are pursuing their dreams......" This is a school idol project, a story of dreams come true, spun by 9 girls chasing their dreams and 1 ordinary girl. Reach! This excitement! Let's chase after our dreams! Read More